Version 2.8.052
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Version 2.8.052
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  8. June 2010, 16:46

Here a short note to inform you that the new version 2.8.052 was just uploaded. The previously released 2.8.050 introduced a few regressions due to the many under the hood changes, which were quickly identified and fixed. There are not enough changes for a real change-log, but below a list of what was fixed.

If you encountered problems with the previous release, please test again with this one first before reporting.

  • Fixed a bug in document.getItems(attributes) that prevented attributes.type from being recognised correctly.
  • Fixed UI layout issues with older scripts that directly work with the ADM package, where certain items would appear to have their bounding rectangles set incorrectly.
  • Fixed an error in the undo history tracking code that prevented item deletion from being detected in some situations and therefore leading to item.isValid() falsely returning true for such items.
  • Got version for Mac CS to compile correctly again.
  • Fixed a row of issues in the code that generates the Reference templates and improved documentation for some of the new features.
Re: Version 2.8.052
Date:  31. May 2015, 09:21

Still Working. Well that's great :)

Re: Version 2.8.052
Date:  28. June 2015, 20:17

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Re: Version 2.8.052
From:  rennuka
Date:  3. July 2015, 11:14

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Re: Version 2.8.052
From:  Clipping Care
Date:  14. July 2015, 08:24

Thanks for releasing the updated version. Really glad to here that.

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Re: Version 2.8.052
From:  DT
Date:  15. July 2015, 14:05

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Re: Version 2.8.052
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Date:  11. August 2015, 13:54

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