Distortion of geometry
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Distortion of geometry
From:  Lukasz
Date:  12. June 2014, 23:21

I'm using the scriptographer plug-in and using the readymade script in Examples/Raster/Object raster.js to produce a half tone image. The script runs perfectly however when i restart my computer, I see that the geometry in the file is distorted. It has happened earlier as well and now its happening again. Even files that have not been scripted are acting out. Please let me know how to fix this bug. I'm in a huge mess now! I have attached the image of the distorted image (they were just pixels before they became distorted)

Thank you!

Re: Distortion of geometry
From:  Omer Pekin
Date:  12. July 2014, 02:51


I am also having the same problem. I have been trying to open files and it distorts my geometry. When I was looking for answers I came a cross that this is a problem caused by having multiple authors or something similar. I do not remember the exact phrase there. Still all the other forums and websites were also telling to recreate the work from scratch. I have done so several times and ended up having distortion again and again. After doing the same work dozens of times, I started to get a bit frustrated. Is there a proper reason for the distortion problem? I will be doing the work from scratch again but still what should I do to prevent this issue of distortion?

08.08.14, 15:24
15.05.14, 14:23
02.03.14, 19:16
18.11.13, 14:48
22.03.13, 03:05
22.02.13, 15:45
10.01.17, 16:37
19.02.16, 06:03
19.02.16, 06:00
17.01.16, 11:00
12.01.16, 13:10
25.11.15, 08:19
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