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FIXED: Missing // and ** Tool Buttons in CS4
Date:  28. October 2009, 04:52

**EDIT** Hey, those buttons have been replaced by the bottom left most button in the toolbar, so now that i explained it hopefully nobody has to spend as much time as I have trying to figure it out. :-P

Running 2.5.031 in Illustrator CS4 on Snow Leopard seems to have cause my Scriptographer // and ** tool buttons to vanish. Well, they were never there in the first place, so I guess they just never showed up. Noticed on the blog post, someone else has experienced the same bug, are there any others out there?

Re: FIXED: Missing // and ** Tool Buttons in CS4
From:  Joe Spooner
Date:  17. May 2010, 21:45

I had the buttons, and once I installed another plugin, scriptographer went away, not just buttons, but everything. New versions don't help, any one else?

Re: FIXED: Missing // and ** Tool Buttons in CS4
Date:  20. May 2010, 16:49

Hi Joe - Could you let us know which plugin you installed, so we can test if it happens on our side too? Thanks

Re: FIXED: Missing // and ** Tool Buttons in CS4
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  23. May 2010, 18:21

Also, could you check if there is a file called native.log inside the Logs folder within the Scriptographer folder, and let us now what it contains? And please report also the exact version of your Operating System and Illustrator.

My Scriptographer pencil is not showing
From:  Eduardo
Date:  16. February 2011, 01:58

First of all i'm running the cs5 on windows 7 and i installed thw 2.9 version of scriptographer on this folder:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Plug-ins\Scriptographer

Some weeks ago the plug in was working perfectly, but this time around it stopped working, i had cs4 installed simultaneosly (but there was no scriptographer on it) and unninstalled it, maybe is the cause of problem... after unninstal of cs4 the illustrator started to prompt me to fix the registry, and made an error sound when loading, i fix this prompt issue by running as an administrator, but it i still get the sound, i think the sound is related because it is at the time when is loading the plug ins... So what should i do?

Thanks in advance

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