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getintersections() error where line passes through an anchor
Date:  3. June 2012, 13:20

When a line passes through an anchor point, getIntersections() does not report it in the returned array of curve locations.
Within the contours script, horizontal lines are drawn across the shapes.
For each intersection reported, the script works out whether still inside or outside the object and so what output to create. The error in getIntersections causes this to draw incorrectly.

Re: getintersections() error where line passes through an anchor
From:  Derek S.
Date:  14. June 2012, 01:25

I've run into this as well.
Fortunately, in my case,
all I had to do was use rotate(2) on the circle
before calling getIntersections().

It would be nice to have this issue resolved,
for situations where that work-around doesn't apply.

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