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Date:  9. September 2006, 22:23

Is it me or does HitTest.TEST_PATHS only return a HitTest when I click on an anchor point?
It returns null when I click on a path...

function onMouseDown(event){
	var test = activeDocument.hitTest(event.point,HitTest.TEST_PATHS);
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  30. September 2006, 00:06

Fixed in the upcoming version 2.0.018.

This one is very weird: Illustrator seems not to support the internal HitTest.TEST_PATHS request. It seems to do the same as HitTest.TEST_POINTS. To simulate HitTest.TEST_PATHS, I am now using HitTest.TEST_ALL_EXCEPT_FILLS and filtering out the results. This seems to be as close as we can get.

Another error was fixed too: When hitting on a center point, HitTest.HIT_FILL is returned (even for unfilled art), instead of HitTest.HIT_CENTER. This is now handled especially and manually checked against center, to catch that case and fix it.

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