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Hitting enter makes explorer open the .js file
From:  MrP
Date:  31. March 2011, 21:48

Okay, weird thing keeps happening. When I have the scriptographer window open it doesn't really matter which field I am in typing in a new value, it can be in the transform window, setting a new stroke or changing the size of type, whenever I hit enter Windows (or more accurately explorer) wants to open up the .js file, regardless which script I have selected but only after it has been run once and still remains selected in the palette. It doesn't matter if the script windows are still up or if I have closed them.

Deselecting the scripts completely, or shutting the scriptographer window, solves the issue.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 running under XP, service pack 3.

08.08.14, 15:24
15.05.14, 14:23
02.03.14, 19:16
18.11.13, 14:48
22.03.13, 03:05
22.02.13, 15:45
10.01.17, 16:37
19.02.16, 06:03
19.02.16, 06:00
17.01.16, 11:00
12.01.16, 13:10
25.11.15, 08:19
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