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illustrator CS4 OSX strange behaviour
From:  Eric
Date:  21. March 2011, 12:44


Thank you for this wonderful tool.

I'm trying to use object raster script. It works once or few times but the more I try other variations (grid etc.), the more the illustrator file gets corrupted in some ways.

It also strangely disort the initial pattern's object used for rastering.
Other issues: I also cannot incorporate a new image in this document as well... at the end trying to draw a single square, i.e. 7x7 px it get's all wrong in size. Restarting illustrator doesn't help, i have to create a new file to restore the setting.
(It look like the unit/measuring system of the file get's corrupted)

Thanks for your support,

(Scriptographer 2.9.073, MacIntel QuadCore, Mac osx 10.5.8, illustrator CS4)

Re: illustrator CS4 OSX strange behaviour
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  21. March 2011, 20:46

Could you be more specific? How exactly does it get corrupted? Maybe make screenshots and post them here. Also, if you could send a corrupted file to team (at) that would be great. Thanks!

Re: illustrator CS4 OSX strange behaviour
From:  Eric
Date:  22. March 2011, 00:32

Well... I'll try,

In the afternoon I finally could make the script work properly. I now think this 'bug' is more likely an illustrator kind of bug (or from my system)... and seems not from the plug-in itself — Sorry!

The file started to be corrupted only once I'm importing images with a different color space (I mean with a different icc profile too, without converting it while importing the image in the .ai file). As I could not run the script directly on such imported images, I thought this came from the scriptographer plug-in.

Unfortunately, I've deleted all my previous tests except the one attached, which is partially "corrupted". In this sample attached, I cannot incorpore my image correctly anymore or run the script directly (I've finally noticed the image was still there but was so reduced or deformed during the process of integrating the image into the file).
However I really have trouble to make this bug happen again, despite I had it many times in the morning!

Since now, I'm importing images without any icc profile (or convert it during the process), and raster scripts works fine.

Hope my explanations are clear enough
Thanks again,

PS: see attachment

Re: illustrator CS4 OSX strange behaviour
From:  Laiferr
Date:  14. July 2013, 15:44

I'm also now getting this problem, also on CS4 but on Windows. Quite frustrating as it happened after I saved, closed and reopened the file, so lost a lot of work and not sure what the issue is. I'm using RGB images in a CMYK file, could this be the problem?

Re: illustrator CS4 OSX strange behaviour
From:  gungadin
Date:  15. July 2013, 18:02

File corruptions can occur in Illustrator files with or without the use of a plug-in. Mixing color spaces in a file isn't a good idea, but may not be what caused it. What options did you use while saving?

Re: illustrator CS4 OSX strange behaviour
From:  Laiferr
Date:  15. July 2013, 19:48

Been running this version of Illustrator for 2 years or so and never had an issue/corruption, install this plug-in and was happening consistently whenever I ran it. All default settings used when saving, as far as I know. Re-made the file and used CMYK images this time and so far so good - been closing it and opening a lot to make sure. Still some slightly odd behaviour now and again but nothing major, so fingers crossed

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