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Illustrator CS5 type stops functioning
From:  Kato
Date:  31. May 2011, 14:07

I have problems with the latest scriptographer plugins interferring with my Illustrator. When I install for CS5.5, my type increase/decrease shortcuts stop functioning, specifically the type increase shortcut. (Command+Shift+.)

When I go to preferences to change shortcuts, trying to type command+shift+. will automatically shutdown the shortcut preference pane.

As a result I have completely uninstalled scriptographer.

Re: Illustrator CS5 type stops functioning
From:  Andrew
Date:  7. July 2011, 20:27

I am having the same problem in CS4. I am unable to use the command+shift+> and command+shift+< to increase and decrease text size.

How about an override that removes all shortcuts for Scriptographer? Seems like any time you try and create added functionality with shortcuts, there is someone already using that key command or it just breaks other things.

Or make the shortcuts optional AND editable, so that you can create your own shortcuts that work for you as we obviously all use AI differently.

This is very frustrating as I just installed the lastest version where the command+~
tab switching issue is now fixed but this is way worse worse! How am i supposed to design with type with Scriptographer installed?


Re: Illustrator CS5 type stops functioning
From:  J. Adam
Date:  16. February 2012, 23:44

I'm having the same problem in CS5, too—it makes no sense to map a new function to such a commonly used shortcut. Any way to disable the scriptographer shortcut?

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