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From:  jonh
Date:  10. April 2011, 15:11

I try to instal Scriptographer 2.9.073 for Illustrator CS5, in the windows 7 software and with Java (TM) 6 Updted 24. But the result are not positive.

1º I open the Illustrator CS5 and the SCRIPTOGRAPHER folder is in the monitor, after I try open some script to do some try outs in the folder My Scripts and dont existy any script inside of this folder.

2º I push the boton for start one script and I get one mensage in the SCRIPTOGRAPHER CONSOLE

Unable to find script engine for C:\User\ze\Documents\Scriptographer Scripts

Is something not good instal Java software or SCRIPTOGRAPHER in the correct position instal.

Is possivel give me some fedback about it

Re: intalation
From:  jonh
Date:  14. April 2011, 21:01

This forum is very very good and helfull.

One personn ask for help to see if the script voronoi tool with the comand grid to check if this comande can subdivide one closed curve.

And no body have the help position to drawinfg one closed curve with illustrator and after try the script voronoi in the comand grid.

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