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Bits and Pieces - Sample Scripts
From:  Thijs Gadiot
Date:  1. March 2008, 13:04

Hey all,

I was thinking, I've got lots of small bits and pieces of scriptographer code, which I do not consider worthy to post as a script, but are very useful in everyday scriptographer practice, so maybe it's a good idea to share these small examples of code (which can be as simple as an example of how to add a a swatch), so that others can use it.

Let me know what you all think, might be nice to somehow make it part of the API, little example scripts, this will make things more accesible.

Re: Bits and Pieces - Sample Scripts
From:  Kevin Cannon
Date:  4. April 2008, 23:22

I'm just learning this tool, so that would be a great idea.
I'd love to take a look at simple scripts like that!

08.08.14, 15:24
15.05.14, 14:23
02.03.14, 19:16
18.11.13, 14:48
22.03.13, 03:05
22.02.13, 15:45
10.01.17, 16:37
19.02.16, 06:03
19.02.16, 06:00
17.01.16, 11:00
12.01.16, 13:10
25.11.15, 08:19
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