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Looking for projects for the gallery!
Date:  12. April 2008, 17:23

Dear Scriptographers,

We're on the lookout for projects created with Scriptographer that we can feature in the gallery on the site. Please let us know if you've made something nice, we would be very happy to feature it! Mail your projects to or reply to this message with images attached.

Re: Looking for projects for the gallery!
Date:  21. December 2008, 11:23

hi Jonathan,

I recently designed a book called ‘Het cultureel kapitaal van een afgeschreven straat - Sint-Mariastraat 106-146’ in collaboration with writer Joke van der Zwaard. Thanks for letting me use these great illustrator scripts! especially ‘text pencil’.

I couldn't wait to show you the book
I've uploaded some visuals on my site and this is a digital version of the book:

I you like i can send you a copy and i would be honored if you placed this book in the scriptographer-gallery

thanks a lot!

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