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pdf text extraction
From:  arron lee
Date:  19. February 2016, 06:00

Hello again. I have a two-page, single-document PDF to fingerprint in FastDoc. Only one of the pages contains data to zone. The other page also needs to go to FileNet when this is live, but no zones.

I created fingerprints of each page using 1-bit tiff files and set each page type to its own correct page name. I also set each page with Minimum = 1 and Maximum = 1, and Order = 1 and 2 correctly as they appear in the document. The pages are not in the right order in the Batch Structure, however.

I added zoned fields for the data I need to capture on the 1 page, and I set the Recognize Pages and Fields settings for both pages and the 1 page's fields.

When I click Add File and add the PDF file, then run the ScanFromDiskMultiFormat Test, each page displays in the Test Window as I click the forward and back arrows. But then when I run the PageID Test after first deselecting the Document Integrity rule, the fingerprint ID reverts to the Global fingerprint ID #555.

Either I've done something wrong or my expectations of what should happen are wrong. What should happen? Will the app move thru each fingerprinted page automatically during PageID, or do I have to test each page one at a time?

Can you determine by my description what I'm missing? I haven't been able to find anything online to explain this process.

Thank you as always for your fantastic assistance!

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