Praise, and a slight mod to t...
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Praise, and a slight mod to tree.js
Date:  24. September 2006, 21:21

I stumbled on Scriptographer today. Very, very cool!

I've always liked fiddling with generative tools, but never really investigated using one in my art due to being a bit of a vector purist. I'm also glad to finally have something like the old Hatch Effects plugin available to me.

Attached is my first baby step into Scriptographer code: a modification of tree.js to have a scale factor for the line weight of the child lines...

Re: Praise, and a slight mod to tree.js
From:  Pedro
Date:  25. September 2006, 10:36

nice modification! very useful!

Re: Praise, and a slight mod to tree.js
Date:  25. September 2006, 11:12

Thanks! I might tweak a few other scripts too, to get a afeel for the whole system.

Oh, and your 'Wallblazer' script is waycool. I used it to make this. Super-useful for blast and radiance effects.

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