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Scriptographer - an abandoned project?
From:  Turbo
Date:  28. October 2008, 03:13

What's going on with the Scriptographer project? It seems to be somewhat buggy, there have been no news since August 2007, and the version 2.0.025 still says 2.0.023 in Illustrator...

I really love Scriptographer – it's a pity if it's getting abandoned.

Re: Scriptographer – an abandoned project?
From:  John Simmons
Date:  28. October 2008, 10:00

The project is still going[1], it just that Jurg has a job other than this, so it's not going to be full speed ahead all the time. If you would like to make things move quicker then make a donation it's that simple!

[1] (2 weeks ago!)

Re: Scriptographer – an abandoned project?
From:  Mike
Date:  30. November 2008, 10:19

well its really great to see that you guys are still working on it.
can you let us know when you plan to release a new version? just a general timeline maybe?
i am really really looking forward for an updated version, and i am sure im not the only one who hungers for news on this. maybe you have reached a point in development where you can let some more details out---like, as i said, a general release time... :)

Re: Scriptographer – an abandoned project?
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  30. November 2008, 13:41

John is right. Read more about it all here.

If this was a company and the software not free, sure, I would be spending my time on things like publishing timelines and release dates.

But as it stands right now with all my other commitments and endeavours, I guess I will just release a new version when one is ready and feels right to be released.

Now if there were other people happy to get involved in order to get things released sooner rather than later, e.g. Java / C++ programmers, I would be happy to share the burden.

And don't forget the donate button at the end of the third column. It always helps ;)

Re: Scriptographer – an abandoned project?
From:  Steve
Date:  29. December 2008, 10:20

>>And don't forget the donate button at the end of the third column. It always helps ;)

A worthy cause indeed :)

08.08.14, 15:24
15.05.14, 14:23
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