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From:  MindofQ
Date:  10. November 2011, 23:59

Any one know of any tutorials to get started with Illustrator plugin development?

I am trying to start a bootstraped plugin development company and need to see how hard it would be to implement my first plugin.

If some one would be willing to jump on board I could offer a percentage of sales. I have already spoken with a few companies and they would be willing to buy the plugin if available. They just want to see a simple demo before they invest in a preorder.

Other wise a simple point in the right direction would be great. It seems adobe's documentation is a wee bit fragmented or I am just looking in the wrong place.

Thanks in advance.

  • Quincy-
Re: Tutorials
From:  pqbd
Date:  11. November 2011, 01:35

There's a tutorial section in the Programmer's Guide that comes with the Illustrator CS5 SDK

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