using pressure
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using pressure
From:  bradon
Date:  11. May 2009, 16:26

just curious if scriptographer is able to use the pressure tilt bearing etc. info from wacom devices?

i have been very frustraited with the built in calligraphy brush tool in illustrator and would possibly like to build a better one with scriptographer?

for example my problem is this. say you make a basic calligraphy brush that uses pressure for diameter setting. set the diameter to 9 and variable to 9 as well. that will give you a good thick/thin line you can control. however if you make your line and then stop then you try to "pick it up" using the 12 pxl rule to continue drawing your line the pressure system is disabled and it remaps the old pressure across the whole new stroke. maybe in some casees this would be ideal but for some its frustraiting. so i was curious if scriptographer could make a brush that would have the behavior im looking for?

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