Conversion to paths question...
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Conversion to paths question...
From:  Lynn
Date:  26. February 2011, 17:28

Hi - I have just poked into here, wondering if I can do something in Scriptographer. I would like to convert fonts to paths, but NOT using the outline, using the fill part. In other words, the fill of the font not the stroke. I know it sounds weird, but it's for an art project that requires simpler paths for fonts than the outlines provide.

Could I write such a thing in Scriptographer - select text, and covert to paths that trace the body of the font, instead of the outline?


Re: Conversion to paths question...
From:  Felix
Date:  10. March 2011, 13:13

Hi Lynn,
I am also interested in converting text to paths, but I would take the outlines, too ;-)
So is there a way to convert text to paths anyway?

Thank you,

Re: Conversion to paths question...
From:  Felix
Date:  11. March 2011, 12:51

OK, I found out that createOutline() is the right function to convert Text into Paths. But I have strange bug, I think.

This is my code:

var position = new Point(100,-100); 
var textItem = new PointText(position);
textItem.content = "1234";
textItem.characterStyle.font  = app.fonts["Arial"];
var outline = textItem.createOutline();
outline.fillColor = new CMYKColor(1, 0, 0, 0);

and this is the result:

looks like if the character gets a shift (2 becomes 0, 3 bekomes 1 etc.)

I am using (Mac OS X 10.6.6 Illustrator CS 5 (15.0.2) and Scriptographer 2.9.070)

I will post this also under Bug.

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