Downloadable Scripts Error
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Downloadable Scripts Error
From:  Patrick
Date:  20. April 2012, 19:12

Hello all,

I'm not familiar with JS at all so this is all foreign. I love the tool however. I downloaded the tool, installed it, and the preloaded scripts work just fine!

However when I go to download a script from this community, I take the downloaded .js file and drop it in say "My Scripts" or "Tools" (predetermined folder). Then when I go into illustrator, the icon next to the script in the panel is a white document looking icon, not the white pencil icon. There was no additional executable icons shown in the scriptographer panel or in my standard tool panel.

Bottom line is, I select the downloaded script from the panel (white document icon), press the "play" button to execute, choose the pencil button and try to do it, and nothing happens - nothing executes.

I'm not sure if im dropping it in a wrong folder? Or if there's a setting I'm missing? Or if i have to activate it somehow? I just am clueless unfortunately :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(in tutorial videos ive seen, people have had more than just the white pencil icon in their panels...which worries me because I don't have anything more than that...?)

Re: Downloadable Scripts Error
From:  Zed
Date:  21. April 2012, 11:03

The "white document looking" icon indicates a script which is not operated by the pencil tool, those are not interactive scripts. They automatically run when you have some elements selected in the artboard, etc. Depends on the script.

Try making 4, 5 boxes with some color fill and then selecting "variator.js" in the script list, and press "play". The Variator palette should pop up, and you should be able to apply the script.

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