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Hidden Tool Button
From:  FRZ
Date:  26. April 2010, 16:57

Hello again,

Ok, with version CS2_2.7.040, on windows I can use scriptographer if I press the 0 key

With version CS2_2.7.044 still on windows, nothing happens and the 0 key does not activate whatever tool I am using.

I had to use the Jvm.ini trick, otherwise I got a warning message, when bypassing it, scriptographer works fine in version 2.7.040

So it might be a quirk on my own computer I don't know, it works fine with the previous version so I'll keep that one.
I am just reporting but if it works fine for everybody else I don't complain ;)

Many thanks for that wonderful app and created scripts in any case !!

Hidden Tool Button
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  27. April 2010, 19:13

That's very odd. The tool button seems to be there somehow and working, otherwise you would not be able to draw with the tool. But it seems to remain hidden, the tool bar somehow is not updating itself. I just tested with CS2 on Windows XP myself and could not replicate this.

So here a few questions:

  • Are you running a pre-release or otherwise odd version of CS2?
  • Did you install other plugins next to Scriptographer? This should not be a problem, but might explain the difference in behaviour.
  • Could you try and see if hiding / showing the floating palettes would make the button appear? (e.g. using the Tab key, or changing the Workspace setting under the Windows menu).

The reason why the '0' key allowed you to select the button was that in version 2.6.036 we added support for key handlers and used them to link the '`' key on US and UK keyboards (at the lower left corner, right next to the shift key) to the tool button. There was a side effect of this on Windows which also linked the '0' key to it, a bug that broke correct entry of text on Illustrator when Scriptographer was installed, so it had to be fixed. This explains why you cannot use this bug anymore. But depending on your keyboard layout, maybe the '`' works for you in the meantime?

BTW, I am wondering how you even found out about the '0' key... It seems highly unlikely ( ;

Re: Hidden Tool Button
From:  FRZ
Date:  28. April 2010, 10:20

No I am not using any specific CS2 that I know of ?
No other plug-in.
Nothing helps but I can live with it ;)

I found the zero key thing by reading the various threads so I don't know why it's highly unlikely to you ?!

Thank you Jürg, it's working fine for me as it is now, so I'll leave it at that.

Re: Hidden Tool Button
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  28. April 2010, 13:09

So does that mean the '`' key is working for you?

Re: Hidden Tool Button
From:  FRZ
Date:  28. April 2010, 15:55

Oh sorry, no it's not.
I have to use the previous release but like I said it works for me like that.
Thanks for the help, greatly appreciated.

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