how to use pathfinder
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how to use pathfinder
From:  gs
Date:  20. October 2007, 11:54

i try to write a script using the pathfinder divide function (i guess it should be the divide function couldnt test...).

but i dont know how to use this pathfinder functions, there seems to be no pathfinder object, so the pathfinder-functions have to be 'standalone-functions' and not methods to an object, right (seems not really logically to me...)? but when i try to call the divide function standalone it tells me:

ReferenceError: "divide" is not defined.

If someone knows how to use this, i would appreciate his advice...

tnx in advance

Re: how to use pathfinder
Date:  24. April 2008, 12:26

(i know, 'post pushing' ist not very gentlemanly, but...)

Re: how to use pathfinder
Date:  28. April 2008, 19:57

sorry for the late reply..

this should work:

var circle1 = document.createCircle(10, 10, 10);
var circle2 = document.createCircle(5, 5, 10);

Pathfinder.divide([circle1, circle2]);
Re: how to use pathfinder
From:  mr.t
Date:  29. April 2008, 19:09

thank you jonathan.

gs will be very happy when he gets back from japan!

mr. t, friend of gs

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