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interactive scripts
From:  eddie
Date:  25. April 2007, 06:28

I have managed to get the raster scripts running but cant seem to get many of the interactive scripts running. at the moment they are in the 'general' script folder, do they need to sit in their own folder? I would particularly like to run the bubbelbubling script. How do i run this script?

Re: interactive scripts
From:  eddie
Date:  25. April 2007, 15:35

No error messages, i am not am just not sure of the method as such eg. do i connect the script first or do i draw a path first then select it and play the script?

Basically, I am not sure of the order of actions to get the script working. I hope this is more specific.

Re: interactive scripts
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  25. April 2007, 17:10

Hi Eddie,

Did you follow these instructions? It sounds a bit like you're trying to use interactive tools in the same way as normal scripts, which will not work as they do nothing when you simply execute them.

Re: interactive scripts
From:  Eddie
Date:  25. April 2007, 18:01

I have followed the instructions.

1) i select my tool (bubbelbubbling)

2) i push either the ** or the // tool button in the scripts pallet

3) the curser changes to a the pen icon

4) I draw with the pen - am i to expect the effect to work now?

5) Sometimes after mucking around I get an error message - Dialogue.prompt is not a function and with the ribbon script I get - RGB Color is not defined.

Please excuse my ignorance, I sincerely want to know how to use these tools correctly.

Re: interactive scripts
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  26. April 2007, 05:41

What's the version of the plugin installed? It somehow sounds like you've installed the old 0.5 instead of 2.0?

Re: interactive scripts
From:  eddie
Date:  1. May 2007, 03:00

that solved it, cheers Lehni.

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