js and rulers.visible
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js and rulers.visible
From:  danbo
Date:  30. July 2012, 16:08

Thanks for answering


I'm trying to make the rulers visible in a script I build in JS (javascript)
I'm working on Illustrator CS 5.

After having define the document (doc), I can't make my rulers visible.

I don't find with the words (syntax) on Google, any correct answer.

doc.rulers.visible or so many approaches like that don't work.

Have I to declare a variable including the path method, like this ?

var rulers0 = doc....something else

and write


Thanks for that.

Re: js and rulers.visible
Date:  30. July 2012, 22:38

Within a script there is really no need to have visble rulers so I would not expect to find such an operation.

If you read the Adobe Illustrator Javascript reference (a useful thing to do) - you will find there are two properties relating to rulers

rulerOrigin array of 2 numbers
The zero-point of the rulers in the document
relative to the bottom left of the document.

rulerUnits RulerUnits Read-only.
The default measurement units for
the rulers in the document.

If Adobe don't provide it, Scriptographer cannot.

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