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Problem with Raster Tools in Scriptographer for CS3
Date:  30. April 2007, 11:51

Hi everybody,
I started to use scripto for CS3 and everything is working fine except
when I try to use one of the raster tools. Then 3 things happen:
1. Pressing the play button and nothing happens. 2.If something happens, the filter result is very big (in dimensions) and is not the whole image, but just the half of it and 3. I can use Illustrator in making things but when I click the result of the scripto effect, illustrator shut down...????? Only when I click the raster effect....

I use a Mac Book Pro with latest Java, Mac Os X 10.4.8
Thanks in advance,

Re: Problem with Raster Tools in Scriptographer for CS3
From:  jay purcell
Date:  3. May 2007, 14:40

Same problem, only with Raster set and now getting very fed up. So wanted to incorporate the stroke raster with work im doing.

If anyone out the has got this set to work could you please put myself and many others out of our misery and explain HOW!

Screen cast followed still doesn't work and all advice to date not helped.

Cheers Jay

Re: Problem with Raster Tools in Scriptographer for CS3
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  3. May 2007, 14:52

Jay, there is no need for this kind of tone around here. It's free software, after all, so please dont behave like the paying customer.

Read here for possible answers, or use the search. This topic has come up here before, and was answered in detail.

And if you want the right to complain, donate first ;)

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