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From:  MT
Date:  23. February 2010, 14:34

When I attempt to use Spiderweb I get the following error message in console:

at My Scripts/spiderweb.js:16"

I would really appreciate your help. I'm running the latest version of Scriptographer in CS4 on a OSX Leopard computer.

Re: Spiderweb
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  23. February 2010, 14:46

I can reproduce this problem on my end and will look more into it today.
In the future, please use the forum at the end of the script page to report error within a script, it is better to keep things local.

Re: Spiderweb
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  23. February 2010, 15:20

The source of this is deep down in SG code, as a recent change in the Rhino scripting engine has changed the way different versions of functions are chosen. I have fixed this now and will release a new version of the plugin soon. As there are some other issues with the plugin I would like to wait for these things to clarify a bit so they can be fixed as well before releasing a new version.

But I attached an updated version of js.jar here, to be replaced inside Scriptographer/Core/Java/lib, so you can start using the script already now.

Re: Spiderweb
From:  MT
Date:  23. February 2010, 21:20

Great, thanks so much!

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