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From:  Patrick Ogren
Date:  3. June 2011, 21:00

I have taken all the tutorial web pages available here, converted them to PDF and then put all the PDFs together into one package. That package is available for anyone who wants a printable version of the tutorial files.


Re: Tutorials
Date:  29. May 2012, 02:11

Great! Except I get an error message when trying to open the PDF telling me it’s damaged. Perhaps you could try to re-upload?

Re: Tutorials
From:  Village
Date:  29. May 2012, 20:34

Fake File

Re: Tutorials
From:  arronwall
Date:  25. October 2013, 05:28

Thanks for your nice info. I am looking for a fine tool to open PDF files and convert PDFs. I will try your sharing later.

Best regards,

Re: Tutorials
From:  Nana111
Date:  17. March 2014, 08:03

Hi there
Thanks for your nice sharing.It's really help me a lot.I tried to open the PDF files using a PDF program.But it said that it can not work with my windows 8 setup.That's really disturbing.Thanks for any recommendation for PDF processing tool.

Re: Tutorials
From:  pdfsoftwares
Date:  4. May 2014, 15:25

Editing the PDF files and convert to other formats PDF converter for Mac or convert pdf to flash to view PDF in 3D Flash.

Re: Tutorials
From:  arron lee
Date:  12. January 2016, 13:10

Hi, Nana.
Hi, Yogitha. Thanks for sharing your problem. As for me, I have seldom tried codecharge 5.1. Have you ever worked it out? I wonder whether you have any exprience about pdf conversion process. Because there is something wrong with my pdf reader. I need convert pdf to text or other formats. How about these tutorials as mentioned above? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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