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Controlling Angle of Calligraphic Brushes
From:  Squis
Date:  26. March 2007, 06:24

In the calligraphic brush options of Illustrator, you can define the way the angle of an ellipsoid brush is affected by the stylus (pressure, tilt, bearing,...). Can this value be controlled with Scriptographer?

For example: I have a flat ellipsoid brush, I draw a curved stroke and then I want a script to make the brush's angle to be at an angle of 90° to the stroke's direction at any point. The reason? So I get flat ends (similar a pencil stroke's butt cap as opposed to the round cap) for a brush stroke with pressure-dynamic width.

If that's not possible yet, that is so on my wish list. Thank you.

Re: Controlling Angle of Calligraphic Brushes
From:  darby
Date:  2. August 2008, 09:30

me too. still looking for this ability...

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