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From:  Rasmus
Date:  9. February 2012, 18:04

It would be really cool if we could have a feature like the engraving tool in Inkscape.

For those of you not familiar with inkscape, the engraving tool simply makes the width of a path dependent on the brightness of the underlying artwork.

What could be even more cool was if it could be made so that it could be done with already existing lines. This would make it possible to apply the effect to expanded blends and thus get the effect over a wide area of evenly spaced paths.

I think an engraving feature would be really useful to a lot of people

Re: Engraving
From:  John4236
Date:  13. February 2012, 15:17

That sounds like a really good idea - I would love to have it implemented

Re: Engraving
From:  Maciej
Date:  22. February 2013, 15:40

i'd love to have that too.

Re: Engraving
From:  Kotkoa
Date:  2. March 2013, 16:46

I'm ready to donate for that. =)

Re: Engraving
From:  pqbd
Date:  2. March 2013, 22:55

I cooked up a script a while ago to do this using the tabletPressure property. I need to clean up the code, and add a bit more functionality, but should post it soon.

Re: Engraving
From:  Kotkoa
Date:  3. March 2013, 06:11


Re: Engraving
From:  tea
Date:  10. March 2013, 13:31

yeah cool

Re: Engraving
From:  Georgie
Date:  20. September 2013, 13:51

That is the most wanted feature for me for years!!!
any ideas?

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