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From:  Osro
Date:  3. December 2005, 11:41

I've been busy making something based on fractals. Basically it repeats an object. In this case (see url). The object repeats itself twice, each under its own angle and a little bit smaller. These two pieces repeat themselves twice with the same angle according to their own axis (I hope it's a bit understandable, English isn't my mother's tongue). Afterwards i've put in some very slight random functions just to make sure I don't get the same result twice. This I've done this with ActionScript in Flash, because it is the only script language I understand enough to make such things.

The result is a tree by the way. Flash crashes once you cross the borderline of about 2000 duplicated objects, so I try not to cross that border.

Would it be possible to make a similar script with java? Say you take an object, for instance a rectangle and make it repeat itself two or three times under different angles. These repeat themselves three times... and so on. Eventually creating some bizar object or even a tree :) !! I'm sure once you have the basic code you would be able to get wonderful results. Put in the positions where the objects must repeat, the amount of repetitions, ...

The url:

What do you think?

From:  osro
Date:  4. December 2005, 11:11


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