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midi and javascript interaction?
From:  marc
Date:  14. January 2007, 02:20


im a designer/musician looking for a way to take midi notes and use it to generate artwork. ive found this:

does anyone know how this might be integrated with scriptographer? or any programs in general that would take midi info and make artwork from it?

any info at al would be helpful.

: )

Re: midi and javascript interaction?
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  14. January 2007, 13:42

Yes, there are ways to work with MIDI from Java:

So far I have not used it yet, but it should be rather straight forward getting this to work through the JavaScript to Java bridge in Scriptographer.

As the Java Sound API is part of J2SE, you do not need to install additional libraries to get it to work.

This might be an interesting place to start figuring out how it all works:

Re: midi and javascript interaction?
From:  Marc
Date:  21. December 2007, 07:19

hmmm. that all seems a bit over my head. thank you though. What i think youre saying is that java is already capable of handling this, i have to get a midi-java thing set up and then use some bridge to then make it interact with scriptographer.

I dont really know anything about java. is this basically a cut and paste operation or should look for a programmer to hire? is it simple to build this (im guessing its not a whole custom app thing... (hopefully!)

looking forward to seeing you speak in the NY apple store!


Re: midi and javascript interaction?
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  21. December 2007, 09:48

Hi Marc,

You could try to team up with someone from the forum. I know that Simon was working on some sound related stuff, I don't think it was Midi based though.

So will you be using Illustrator to perform live? Now that would be something new!

See you in New York then!

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