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Offset Path
From:  Liam
Date:  22. November 2010, 20:04

Is there a way to access the OffsetPath function via Scriptographer or otherwise?

I've been searching the only reference I've found has been in a crash report - "0x9c17fff com.adobe.Illustrator.Plugins.OffsetPath" - which at least gives me hope that it can be accessed programatically.

I'd love to see this feature in a future iteration of the Scriptographer plugin.


Re: Offset Path
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  22. November 2010, 20:13

What this line tells us is that offset path is handled by a separate plugin. Unfortunately its functionality is not exposed in the SDK and therefore cannot be wrapped in the Scriptographer API. It also explains why Adobe is not exposing it either...

So bad news, sorry!

Re: Offset Path
From:  Oliver
Date:  9. February 2011, 15:38

So does "Objekt > Pfad > Konturlinie" in the German Illustrator CS5 correspond to this plugin? Or is this particular command (hopefully) a native one exposed through the SDK? What about the similar ones "Effekt > Pfad > Konturlinie" and "Effekt > Pfad > Kontur nachzeichnen"?

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