Opacity mask
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Opacity mask
From:  clankill3r
Date:  10. November 2010, 20:53


I'm at the state in a project (for myself) where i need to use around 113 opacity masks. For every change i make i have to remake all opacity masks 1 by 1. In other words a very time consuming job.

In case you (?) never used a opacity mask, it's found by transparency.
To use it have a gradient* on top of another object, select both and look by transparency for the option "make opacity mask".

img 1

img 2

(it doesn't have to be a gradient but a solid wouldn't make any sence to me)

Re: Opacity mask
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  22. November 2010, 20:17

Hi Doeke,

Opacity masks are currently not supported in Scriptographer, and to be honest, after a quick look into the SDK it does not look like it's an easy thing to add. I am not sure it will be worth the effort to add support for it.

Apologies for the bad news.

Re: Opacity mask
From:  clankill3r
Date:  22. November 2010, 20:38

Thanks for giving a reply, i really appreciate that.
I moved from CS4 to CS5, CS5 supports now transparency in a gradient without using a opacity mask, by this i was able to get all 113 triangles the gradient i wanted in just a few steps.

so no need for it anymore,
thx for looking into it

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