save layers as eps v8
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save layers as eps v8
From:  Rene
Date:  22. January 2013, 09:53

I'm working on a script that places cutter registration marks and a ean13 barcode on an image. So far I've managed pretty well with this site and the tutorials. I have a working script that will save us huge amounts of time. The next step is to export the layers with the cutter path and marks to an Illustrator 8 eps file, using the barcode number as a file name. However I can't find options like "save as" in the reference or tutorials. Anyone have an idea?

Thanks for your time and effort in advance!


Re: save layers as eps v8
From:  leonalewis
Date:  26. December 2013, 09:10

hey, sorry for my late reply ! i just wondering is it sth. related withe ean 13 barcode image setting ?,i never met such a problem.and you may check this ean-13 barcode character

Re: save layers as eps v8
From:  Rene Robben
Date:  30. December 2013, 16:06

Hi, No I don't have a problem with the EAN code. This is working fine. I've even adapted it to our desire and the barcode scanner scans it well.

All I would like to add to my script is an option to write the generated cutting file, so the marks and contour, in a eps 8 format, while it will use the ean code as the file name.

What I have so far is this: 1 layer with the contour, 1 layer with the marks and 1 layer that holds the barcode. This third layer also has the name of the barcode code. What we still do manually is selecting the barcode layer name and then save the file as an eps 8, while pasting the name (ean code) into the filename box.

But what I am asking is the option to do a /save as/ in Scriptographer which will use the barcode or layer name as the filename.


Re: save layers as eps v8
From:  pqbd
Date:  8. January 2014, 20:08

You can use document.write() as a 'Save As' function. It won't let you set the file format, but you can either start from an EPS v.8 file, or open a template file with your script and paste your data into that. The new file will inherit the format that it is written from. The File object isn't well documented, but there are a few mentions here in the forum.

file = new File(values.exportDir, exportFileName);
document.write(file, false);

You can check file.exists() if you want to guard against overwriting

Re: save layers as eps v8
From:  Rene Robben
Date:  9. January 2014, 08:37


Very nice! This is very useful information.


Re: save layers as eps v8
From:  lilycan
Date:  11. April 2014, 04:55

thanks, it works fine with me, i have been looking for this solution for a long time. now i can easily scan the ean13 barcode i make and the save the data, wonderful idea.

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