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scriptographer and 2D vectorial morphing
From:  adamsan
Date:  2. February 2007, 20:48

Hello, i am French and i am looking for a way to make a sort of morphing between various 2D forms. It is like making some metaballs but in 2 dimensions. I have seen something no so fahr between 2 circles done in flash here: (have a look at "liquidform") but the code is not public:
Perhaps it could be possible to build such tool with scriptographer ?



Re: scriptographer and 2D vectorial morphing
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  2. February 2007, 23:20

Yes, I think the script that you are looking for exists already in Scriptographer:

Hiroyuki wrote it a while ago for Scriptographer 0.5:

Look for metaball.js further down on the page.

You probably will have to change it a bit to make it work in SG 2.0.

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