scriptographer for inkscape ?
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scriptographer for inkscape ?
From:  Keynell
Date:  3. May 2006, 18:21

there's an open source vector drawing app called inkscape:
it can compete with illustrator
i wonder if it would be possible to make a scriptographer plugin for it, i don't really know if it's doable, but it would be fun anyway

well, just wanted to cought your attention on that
thanks in advance for any reply (from developers)

Re: scriptographer for inkscape ?
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  23. May 2006, 19:11

Thank you, Simon, for trying to clarify.

But the situation is a different one: Both Illustrator and Inkscape are written in C / C++. For creating Scriptographer, I had to write a C plugin that hooks into Adobe's Plugin API and then invokes a JVM within which I use a Java class hierarchy for representing Adobe's SDK in a cleaner and more object oriented way than they did. These classes are linked to Adobe's C API through JNI. They are then simplified through Java - Rino Wrappers to make them easy to use in JavaScript through Rhino.

It's all very complicated, but not in the way you were explaining. The problem with porting this to Inkscape is the fact that Scriptographer is tightly bound to Illustrator. I did not have a look at Inkscape's Plugin API (I assume there is one), but I doubt that they are similar. Developing a Scriptographer for Inkscape would probably be even more work than it took to do the version for Illustrator, as I would need to simulate the behavior in Illustrator.

Therefore I don't think I'll be able to cover Inkscape, I'm afraid.

Re: scriptographer for inkscape ?
From:  Keynell
Date:  27. May 2006, 19:26

i know they (inkscape devs) are about to implement spider monkey.

well, sorry to hear that it's so tightly bound to illustrator, i'd still encourage to give it a try
is scriptographer open source ? i've seen an entry on sourceforge, but it doesn't contain anything, maybe you could just share the code or sth, just an idea
that's because i use free software, i cannot afford adobe products & i'm not into software piracy :(((((((


Re: scriptographer for inkscape ?
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  31. May 2006, 12:49

Since yesterday, the CVS is again up to date.

The C hooks work through JNI and JNI's RegisterNatives method:
If the transition to GCJ is successfull, I will change to the more transparent CNI that allows free mixing of Java and C / C++.

SpiderMonkey was previously used for the old version of the plugin that you can still download on this website. If InkScape is going to develop a new Scripting enigne, I recomend to use GCJ and Rhino, as it is easier, faster, more powerfull, more flexible and simply more fun.

Re: scriptographer for inkscape ?
From:  jay
Date:  14. October 2006, 11:08

you can use python instead of scriptographer it's some (library?) called
Inscape effects it works differently but the idea is pretty much the same check it out here,
I prefer Java myself but python seems fun as well.

Re: scriptographer for inkscape ?
From:  O Astronauta BR
Date:  24. November 2009, 18:00

Reforcing the claim, even with the difficulty, Inkscape is growing, and I wish too the open source module for inkscape.

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