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From:  Daniel Samson
Date:  10. August 2011, 22:20

Now that toxiclibs has been ported to JavaScript is it possible that some of it could be utilised in scriptographer? I realise a lot of it is aimed toward animation, but all the vector manipulation stuff would be great to play with.

Re: Toxiclibs
From:  ken frederick
Date:  17. August 2011, 17:24


  • Loads and evaluates one or more javascript files.


you might have to modify things a bit within the toxiclibsjs.

post here if you get something working


Re: Toxiclibs
From:  ken frederick
Date:  17. August 2011, 21:46

ok. i couldn't help myself.

this is very rudimentary, but i've ported over to scriptographer, in general i think implementing toxiclibsjs would be more interesting with paperjs.

however, the idea of adding a phyiscs engine for generative design directly within in illustrator is interesting.

you'll need to get the latest toxiclibjs code from and copy the build folder into the same directory as the script (Attraction2D_0_1.js)


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