Tutorials please!
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Tutorials please!
From:  AT
Date:  24. October 2006, 16:06

I would appreciate it, if someone could post a tutorial…
It’s hard to begin; it feels like you have to be a real experienced programmer to find out how to get it to work…
May be some thing like processing examples (
I’m looking forward playing with this tool.


Re: Tutorials please!
From:  AT
Date:  29. October 2006, 17:09


Is there only one tutorial I can start with?
I'm totaly lost:o(

Best regards

Re: Tutorials please!
From:  AT
Date:  1. November 2006, 12:29

is this a place to start or is it better to wait for some tutorials here?

Re: Tutorials please!
Date:  1. November 2006, 14:27

Just FYI, The September issue of Computer Arts did a piece on this plugin. Its not a "tutorial" as I would define one but its a good primer. If you can't get a copy of that magazine, check out

You can buy electronic versions of the mag for less than it costs to order a back issue. If that link doesnt work, go to Google and search for...
Computer Arts Magazine

You will never find the magazine by using the search function on zinio's website. Its just awful.

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