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WANTED: Jpeg Export from Layers using multiple artboards
From:  Gary
Date:  9. February 2011, 01:37

I want to be able to batch export jpegs at 170 dpi / quality 5 / rgb color and have the script name the jpgs based on the layername_artboard#, and save them to a designated folder. Found some other scripts, but all use 72 dpi and not multiple art boards. I also have a script that works to export pdfs in this way but I can't figure out how to modify it to export jpgs in this specific format. HELP.

Re: WANTED: Jpeg Export from Layers using multiple artboards
From:  klin
Date:  12. February 2011, 01:31

Hi, I'm new to Scriptographer, but not to coding. I could try to modify those scripts for you if you provide me the links to all the scripts that have a function that you want, and combine them into one that fit your needs. Just for fun and give back to the community.

However, notice that I will be merging/modifying other scripts and not writing from scratch, so, if a function isn't present on another script that you point, probably I won't develop it.

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