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A demonstration of some of the image rasters that are contained in the Scriptographer package.

Re: Object Raster.
From:  F...
Date:  10. February 2009, 09:46

Re: Object Raster.
From: pempem
Date: 12. October 2007, 14:40

I have embedded the picture and tried on several formats (jpg,tiff,psd) but still all the rasters don't work. Still with several close looks at the tutorial it does not work on my

illustrator CS2 Vers. 12.0.1

i'd love to use it, as i was very happy to have found exactely what i was looking for for my purpose.

Is there any chance? Thank you very much in advance
Re: Object Raster.
From: Doeke
Date: 4. February 2009, 14:54
Nothing works for me, arg

1.-Draw a circle 0.06cm X 0.06cm

2.-the max resolution of the image I cuold raster is 1280X800
because of the Ram or insuficient Memory
**If you use larger images you must raster at 72PPP

3.-grid size = 2 Obj. Scale =100%

4.-OK & Wait... (the rastered image will be 2x larger)

Hope I help.

Sorry if my english is not god enough.

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