A New Release
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A New Release
From:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  6. March 2007, 00:19

Version 2.0.021 has just been uploaded.

This should fix all the issues people suffered from after updating to Java 1.6 on PC, and also the ones added in the previous release by trying to fix that problem.

Please test and report.

And while we are at it, here a list of things on the menu for future releases:

  • A Syntax coloring code editor.
  • A JavaScript Debugger.
  • Python and Ruby as other languages. Work on this has already started by removing the JS engine from the core and making it a module, with no direct bindings to code in the core.

If you are awaiting any of these features eagerly, you can allways speed up development by through a donation.


Re: A New Release
From:  Y
Date:  6. March 2007, 18:47

Yeah baby! It's working now, thanks!

Re: A New Release
From:  S. Bohner
Date:  9. March 2007, 09:33

Thanks very much for your work, it's working smoothly.

Re: A New Release
From:  Pef
Date:  13. March 2007, 14:25

Works fine
on my iBook
Mac OSX 10.3.9
Illustrator CS


Re: A New Release
From:  iwan
Date:  22. March 2007, 09:39

any chance there's going to come a compatible version for the intel core 2 duo macs? I recently upgraded my hardware at home with a i-mac 20" and a mac book pro 17". First thing i did was installing scriptographer, but noticed that like you stated it didn't work on the intel macs. As a huge fan of this plug in and an illustrator enthousiast for years i kind of feel left out of what i was considering an essential part of the illustrator package. keep up e good work, greetz, Iwan

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