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Creator:  karl badde
Date:  22. February 2007, 03:21

This Script traces parts of selected vector artworks like anchors, handlerpoints and handlers to return a printable editing mode view. This script was initially written for a project to document the workings of my font's glyphs.

All parts are placed in their own groups and are colored in CMYK mode making it a lot easier to customize added vectors. Users are supplied with a menue to edit anchor and handlerpoints sizes as well as stroke width of handlers.

Anchorman is based on parts of wallblazer, thanks a lot to Jonathan Puckey for finalizing the code. He made it a lot more user friendly.

Comment if you appreciate.

And for all work you're producing with the help of Anchorman: respect the architect!
(I'd be glad if you send me samples of what you've done: hi[at] or at least submit them to the galery)

Works beautifully in CS4
From:  Enrique
Date:  9. November 2009, 15:55

I love it, thanks for this script.

Re: Works beautifully in CS4
From:  karl badde
Date:  9. November 2009, 16:19

No problem! :)

Not Works in CS5
From:  Crisanto
Date:  7. September 2010, 19:40


Re: Not Works in CS5
From:  karl badde
Date:  7. September 2010, 21:30


I currently don't have CS5 and it's not very likely that I'll be updating soon.
Sorry, but if the problems happens to reoccur you could be teaming up with somebody who has an older copy. I'll be looking into this script as soon as I my studio will buy an update until then I'll be unable to update the script.

Thanks for the script!
Date:  29. March 2012, 07:53

Nice script! I'm working on a new font and I'm using it for showing the structure of my glyphs too. Fast and easy, perfect!

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