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Creator:  graf salamander
Date:  1. March 2008, 14:43

what is it for:
crowdomatic places a crowd of objects (crowd-objects) along a target-path (shape) and if desired all over the document too.

how to use: step 1: select "crowdomatic_0.2.js" in scriptgrapher and press the play button. a dialog appears.

step 2: draw a shape you want to be crowded then click "assign shape(s)" from the dialog

step 3: draw the objects you want to be your crowd / crowd-object(s) (these can be simple shapes or also groups... even textobjects work to some point) then select all the crowd objects and click assign "crowd-object(s)" from the dialog

step 4: tune the values in the dialog to your liking (try and error, pls)

step 5: click "do it" and enjoy the result or undo to change the values and try again. note, you don't have to reassign the shape or the crowd-objects unless you removed any of the crowd-objects.

  • > for additonal information read the descripton inside the scriptfile!

known bugs:

  • strange behaviour on cs2 with scales larger than 2000%

script created by:
the mighty graf salamander (and his army of invisible squirrels);
testing, codeassist, debugging and release-artwork by pedro

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