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Creator:  ken frederick
Date:  25. June 2011, 15:31

I've completely overhauled "Lorem Ipsum Generator" and cleaned up some minor bugs, specifically the way punctuation is "sprinkled" throughout the text, as well as added some additional features:

Dummy Text can now be generated in different Styles

The script by default runs as a dialog window (like the previous version "LoremIpsum_0_0"), however, if you open the code and change the variable "bPalette" to "true", it will run as a palette instead.

However, I decided to ratchet up the ridiculousness and include a way of generating "mock philosophy" by implementing the Kant Generator python script and "Context-Free Grammar" XML files, as implemented in Nodebox. In order to activate it download "" (the link to below does not work) and unzip it's contents in the same folder as "LoremIpsum_0_2.js" (see Installation Instructions for help, if you're unsure of your scripts save location), the script will recognize the folder and reveal options for:

  • Kant (generates several paragraphs of Kantian philosophy)
  • Husserl (generates several paragraphs of Husserl)
  • Thanks (generates a thank you note)

Unfortunately, I can only test on a Mac running OSX 10.7.4 using Illustrator CS5.1. If there is someone out there on Windows I would be curious about the results.

As always if there are any bugs, post here or email me.

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One thing that has always been missing from Adobe Illustrator is a dummy-text generator. So, I created this simple script that generates "Lorem ipsum" text, while maintaining text item type styles

the above video shows the following:

1/ if nothing is selected a text box, with the desired amount of text, will be created in the center of the page.
2/ type items can be selected and either replace or add to existing text. in both cases type attributes such as size, leading, and color are maintained. this video shows how the script functions.
3/ punctuation inclusion can be toggled as well as Title Case for headline creation

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i post LoremIpsum with the caveat that although it's stable for me and i use it quite frequently, i can't guarantee that it won't cause problems or not work for someone else (i'm on a mac 10.6 CS5)

** finally i have access to cs5 and so far as i have tested this script functions without problems using the latest version of scriptographer (2.9.072). i still currently have no consistent way to test on other versions of illustrator (i.e. CS2 or CS4 or CS?) or windows. email is the best way to contact me.


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