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Creator:  gareth williams
Date:  29. July 2012, 10:00

This is the (final?) version of this script based on object-on-path by luca moroni. I added several parameters to scale/scatter and fade.
New options fit-random alter the fitting of the objects along the paths
See luca moroni's post object-on-path for more examples.

EDIT : version 3 uses matrix transformation rather than direct scale routines.
I realised that paths and fills needed to scale as well.

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
Date:  29. July 2012, 15:56

I lied.

Version 2 allowed you to turn the objects to symbols when you select them - I believe that will save space and allow you to change them after you have built the patterns.
It also allows you to choose text items without converting to paths :-)

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
From:  luca moroni
Date:  2. August 2012, 14:28

Big UP!
Great job!

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
Date:  6. August 2012, 21:00

and this was the test file for version 3 ( in the first post)
which rotates and scales fills - and strokes

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
From:  Steve
Date:  9. December 2012, 13:41

Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
From:  Maurizio
Date:  12. December 2012, 14:18

I tried it with illustrator cs5, and as i recall the script receive an error:
"Error 2: script not defined
Line 9

  • > script.coordinateSystem = 'bottom-up';

Thank you

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
Date:  12. December 2012, 22:55

did your install of Scriptographer work ok ?
Need that to be successful , and a restart of illustrator before trying to run a script

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
From:  Maurizio
Date:  17. December 2012, 15:24

Great, everything works perfectly now.
Thank you

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
From:  onryou
Date:  13. March 2013, 00:52

Same results as Maurizio. CS5.

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
From:  Godruma
Date:  23. April 2013, 12:25

Thank you very much!

Re: objects on paths (scatter brush)
Date:  23. April 2013, 21:50

thanks - glad it's useful. Shame it won't continue in next version :-(

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