Phyllotactic Spirals
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Creator:  ken frederick
Date:  25. March 2011, 18:52

** UPDATE **

a small little script that generates phyllotactic spirals.

settings and different modes are set using the panel and spirals are placed by using the scriptographer tool (shortut: ~)

General Settings: (applies to either mode)

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Dot Spacing = spacing between dots
Size = size of dot
Auto Sizing = dot size increases from center point, the maximum size being what is set by Size

Drawing Type:
Circles = draws dots
Points = draws single points (for easy use with Voronoi Tool)
Lines = connects the vertices (in order) with lines


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1/ Concentric Rings

Number of Rings = self explanatory
Ring Spacing = number of points spacing between rings
Ring Rotation = (i'll try and explain) this is the angle of rotations that the last ring will make i.e. if you have 10 rings the 10th ring will be rotate 90 deg, the 9th ring 80 deg, the 8th ring 70 deg, and so on...

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2/ Phyllotactic Spiral

Number of points = i couldn't find a formula that would build these out of rings so it's based on the number of points

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** finally i have access to cs5 and so far as i have tested this script functions without problems using the latest version of scriptographer (2.9.072). i still currently have no consistent way to test on other versions of illustrator (i.e. CS2 or CS4 or CS?) or windows. email is the best way to contact me.


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