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Creator:  Jürg Lehni
Date:  29. June 2006, 01:00

Generates Spirograph drawings. It simulates a spirograph with two weels, one rolling on the other with the pen being on a variable position on the second weel. When executed, a series of parameters are requested from the user.

Please note:

This script is now included in the Examples/Scripts folder in the Scriptographer package.

Re: Spirograph
From:  David
Date:  29. July 2014, 19:16

So Ive been trying to play with this script in cs3.
But everytime I run it, regardless of the changes I make to it, the output is exactly the same. Doesn't matter what I do I always get the default spirograph.

Re: Spirograph
From:  David
Date:  29. July 2014, 19:40

Turns out it was running as it should. I just didnt realize it had a pre-determined spot where it creates it

and I was looking outside of the artboard of illustrator expecting it to show up where my cursor was.

Great plugin!

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