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Creator:  Shanfan Huang
Date:  8. January 2012, 08:18

Some times we want to transform each path in a big group, but not to transform the group alignment. This simple tool allows you to rotate and scale each path as shown below:

Ok, I found the Illustrator's original menu... it's hidden in Object>Transform>Transform Each...


Re: Transform Each
From:  LM
Date:  13. January 2012, 23:56

Is it different from the Transform Each tool in Illustrator?

Re: Transform Each
From:  Steve
Date:  15. January 2012, 10:48

I think its the same. Funny enough I only discovered the Transform Each Tool the other day after years of using Illustrator.

Re: Transform Each
From:  Shanfan Huang
Date:  16. January 2012, 08:05

OMG! Thanks for bringing up this - which pushed me to google about it.... :-p

I was wondering why Adobe didn't add this function to their native menu.... Well..

Re: Transform Each
From:  chris h
Date:  6. November 2012, 20:56

very cool :)

The one thing I've noticed in illustrator's transform each tool is that it will only handle so many objects in one go, else it will start messing with the objects' positions. Perhaps scriptographer will work better? I'll do a test and get back to you.

thanks for posting!

Re: Transform Each
From:  chris h
Date:  6. November 2012, 20:59

yup, it actually works better than illy's native transform each. Nice!

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