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Creator:  Evelyn, Aurélie, Marcello
Date:  18. March 2011, 15:36

Shattered allows you to shatter selected objects into pieces

Shattered features:

  • Click and Drag to create a line and press the “space” bar to anchor each point.
  • Click and Drag and press the “space” bar to create a continuous line.
  • Change the shattering scale and rotation with the palette.
  • Use a shape on an object to cut out the shape’s form (by selecting both shape and object, and click on them with the tool).

Made by Evelyn Schnellenberg, Aurélie Monnier and Marcello Pautasso (workshop at the ECAL School of Art and Design in Lausanne).

Re: Shattered
From:  Joe
Date:  28. June 2012, 14:19

Seeing this reminded me of the old Explode (or was it Explosion?) plugin from KPT (Kai's Power Tools). Damn, I miss that effect.

Re: Shattered
From:  Mark
Date:  31. January 2014, 19:34

Figured out a way to use this tool. You need to have scriptographer's tool intalled.
You select the path you want to shatter, then select the scriptographer's tools, simply draw a line, it will draw straight line, if you want to wary the direction, simplw press space. You can also hold the space bar to draw non-straight lines.

It seems that you need to set the cursor from the shatter panel before drawing the line.

Hope it helped

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