Stroke 3D
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Creator:  Kazumichi Sunabe
Date:  16. June 2009, 04:46

SD_stroke font
SD_stroke font(latin, win_only) consist of all simple open paths.
Selection, movement, rotation, scaling, the thickness of the path and color setting will be done every path of the character (the number of strokes) also you can arrange a figure and substitute along a path, so the countless character decorative design is possible. sdstroke_input_L.js explained in the first is needed to use Stroke Font.
SDstroke-latin.otf(latin, win_only : download 24KB)

By z_axis button, dragging, and forcal length value, It's possible to control the scenography of title Arts. The height of the character is decided by step value and height value in 3D_options.

In Spiral panel by Spiral button, dragging, the sticks on the character path are rotated, like spirals around x,y,z axis. The spiral design changes by the rotation value.

Thank you, Hiroyuki. the large part of this program owed on his "rot3d". I don't understand "rot3d" well in detail, but anyway, Stroke Title Arts Expression have become rich and variously.

SD_Brush folder
The other brushes of AI files which are being used by script demonstrations, 22 kinds of collection of art brushes, spraying brushes, pattern brushes and flat. Drags it in a brush folder of Illustrator application. folder : download 2.3MB)

you can, Typographic Arts
How_To_Use Videos of demonstrations for UI(sdstroke_3D.js) is maked newly. Look at 2videos, 3D_offset-1.wmv
, 3D_spiral-1.wmv.

Enjoy sd_strokefont title arts !

From:  mwm
Date:  26. February 2010, 19:37

I was pretty confused as to what this really did until I got to the later videos in your link... now I can't wait to try it!

Date:  28. February 2010, 01:00

Hi mwm
thanks for your reply.

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