Stroke Tone Line
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Creator:  Kazumichi Sunabe
Date:  10. March 2009, 01:39

SD_stroke font
SD_stroke font(latin, win_only) consist of all simple open paths.
Selection, movement, rotation, scaling, the thickness of the path and color setting will be done every path of the character (the number of strokes) also you can arrange a figure and substitute along a path, so the countless character decorative design is possible. sdstroke_input_L.js explained in the first is needed to use Stroke Font.
SDstroke-latin.otf(latin, win_only : download 24KB)

Program for path processing.
By Slant button, slanted lines of width value are drawn in a dist interval, to the place where away offset value from the character path, with Color value and Rotation
By Parallel button, Parallel lines of the line width value are drawn to the place where only offset value of up and down is away from the character path.
This program about offset hints was received from "stich" program and others.

SD_Brush folder
The other brushes of AI files which are being used by script demonstrations, 22 kinds of collection of art brushes, spraying brushes, pattern brushes and flat. Drags it in a brush folder of Illustrator application. folder : download 2.3MB)

you can, Typographic Arts
How_To_Use Videos of demonstrations for UI(sdstroke_tone_line.js) is maked newly, Look at tone_line-1.wmv.

Enjoy sd_strokefont title arts !

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