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Creator:  peko
Date:  2. July 2011, 19:22

Script uses an great online service
to find similar images to path's fill color. Then it just replace the selected artwork with an image and clip it with the original path.

Demonstration of work

UPD1: Seems like the idee services changing a lot. So, probably this script will stops works again in the feature. If it will happen, just post an comment here and I will try to fix it. Right now I do some hacks and upload new version of script, it works again. And its still get small previews from tineye hosting. I think it is possible to grab an original image from flickr, but it will work slower because of an additional server request and image file size.

UPD2: Idee API was changed again. Warning - new version of script generates a lot of images in the same folder, because of a new image downloader.

Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Samatlarge
Date:  19. November 2012, 07:27

I get this:

Any thoughts?

Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Mark Catley
Date:  5. October 2014, 13:34

Hi there,

I really want to give this script a go and realise it's a few years old now.
It doesn't seem to work for me.

Is there a code / something I can try to get it working now??



Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Ars
Date:  7. January 2015, 21:23

It seems like URL in the body of the script no longer works. Can anyone fix it? This script is very helpful!

Re: Ideé replacer
From:  pqbd
Date:  14. January 2015, 18:40

Sure, it can be made to work. With a little bit of digging, it looks like the URL form is now:<userID/><photoID/>&colors[0]=ce5f97&colors[1]=c06b9f&colors[2]=cf519c&colors[3]=dc5091&weights[0]=40&weights[1]=20&weights[2]=20&weights[3]=20

You can use it with just one color/weight as well, though specifying multiple colors is useful.

Here's an example:

Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Mark Catley
Date:  14. January 2015, 22:57

Thanks for this URL form...but I'm having trouble trying to edit it into the script I downloaded.

I don't suppose I could get any help?

Just trying to get it to work.



Re: Ideé replacer
From:  peko
Date:  21. January 2015, 15:58

Script updated!
Added new image downloader, it generates a lot of images near the script.
You can move it somewhere by editing paths in code

Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Steve
Date:  30. January 2015, 03:45

Hi Peko,

Great script but I'm getting access denied. I did turn my firewall off.
8100125199_91c0480af6_m.jpg (Access is denied)
at Examples\Scripts\idee_replacer_v1.3.js:108

Cheers. Steve

Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Mark Catley
Date:  31. January 2015, 00:39

Hi Peko.

I can get most scripts to work, but not this one.

I make a few coloured shapes in illustrator. Highlight them and press the execute script button and then nothing happens.

I get this message...
2143270267_8b0dced3ed_m.jpg (Permission denied)
at Examples/Scripts/idee_replacer_v1.3.js:108
8063804553_ac0340ea6c_m.jpg (Permission denied)
at Examples/Scripts/idee_replacer_v1.3.js:108
8169534495_ab60433760_m.jpg (Permission denied)
at Examples/Scripts/idee_replacer_v1.3.js:108
2431524573_e089ac6f57_m.jpg (Permission denied)
at Examples/Scripts/idee_replacer_v1.3.js:108

Do I need to load up the site first?
Or somehow insert the colour options in the code?



Re: Ideé replacer
From:  Steve
Date:  31. January 2015, 02:20

Mark, use "Run as Administrator" to open Illustrator. That fixed the issue for me. Also check Illustrator is not being blocked by your firewall.

Cheers. Steve

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